Is there anyway I can find out if someone is logged on to my network?

Answer There are many different ways to check if someone has connected to your wireless network and depending on what type of wireless router you have it might even tell you who is connected on the config... Read More »

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How to Find Out When the Last Time Someone Logged Onto Their AOL Account?

AOL offers features that are good for family use. One feature that AOL offers is the ability to see the last time someone logged into their AOL account. Parents often use this feature to see when t... Read More »

Does anyone know how could i find my network key or WEP?

In Windows:Go to your control panel, then wireless networks. Click on the option to add a new computer to your wireless network. It will tell you to use a USB drive or print details. If you click p... Read More »

Bought a new samsung i9220, network search shows one network i would like to add the network for my sim card.?

You are confusing 2 things. Mobile network and wifi networks. Your mobile network depends on the SIMM card and cannot be changed unless you use change the SIMM. You can only have one mobile network... Read More »

How do i find out if my Wireless Network is being used by others?

You can log into your router and look at the DHCP table, this shows all IP and MAC addresses connected to your network. I wouldn't take any chances though, secure it with WPA. WEP would work too, b... Read More »