Is there anyway to delete ALL my 'become fan of'/ 'likes' on facebook?

Answer Account ---> Edit friends ---> At the left column ---> Lists ---> Pages ---> choose "x" to remove connection.

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Is there a quick way to delete all the pages you have become fans of on facebook ?

This guide will show you the most comfortable way to remove multiple Facebook pages:…Good luck!

If you post a dirty funny status on facebook and nobody likes it should you delete it?

Post another status saying "you guys are a bunch of faggots"

Is there anyway on Facebook you can see whos been on your profile?

Unless they like a picutre, status or post on your wall or something then unfortunatley no :(It would be fricken awsome though if you could :)

Is there anyway I can revert BACK to the original Facebook page as I Previewed New concept but?

there is no way to remove it - everyone is being converted to the timeline - it's the new look for facebook, not an optional updatethis guide will help you learn how to use it Read More »