Is there anyway to make your lips bigger with out make up (like stretching) and i mean length ways(horozontal)?

Answer not to make it longer etc.. only thing you can do for that is smile! whilst doing your daily make up routine try dabbing a bit of chilli on your lips and this will puff them right up for a while. t... Read More »

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How do you make lips bigger?

Well there is a few ways of doing this.Pout! - If you pout your face will literally stay like it! I read it on another chat, the girls lips got fuller as she moped about and pouted ALOT!Salt! - Sal... Read More »

How do you make your lips bigger?

How can i get bigger lips.........................…?

ahh.. girl theres no food that makes your lips bigger lol but umm .. you can buy sally hansen lip inflation iv used it before it works well (:

Do lips Generally get Bigger or Smaller Over the years?