Is there anyway to turn off that annoying clicking sound when you click on a link?

Answer Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio devicesClick the 'sounds' tab. In the window, scroll down to 'Windows Explorer' and in the sub menu, highlight 'Start navigation'Pull down ... Read More »

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What is this annoying clicking sound?

ok so it's making the noise when it's off too? you may want to call Toshiba and get someone on the phone, let them hear the sound. They may recommend that you send it in to be fixed. Also, just in ... Read More »

My car is a van 1.8 litre diesel engine.It wont start.When I turn the key it just makes a click sound.?

The battery is nearly dead. It will connect to the starter solonoid (that's the clicking) but doesn' t have enough juice to crank the starter.

Clicking on a link goes to a blank screen?

If this query was puzzling, the answer was found that the computer was set to 16 bit instead of 32 bit format.

My car won't start just a clicking sound, what could this be?

It it's one click then it's probably battery failure. If it is a fast series of repeated clicks it is a battery cable.On newer cars the anti theft devices are notorious for malfunctioning and caus... Read More »