Is there anywhere on the internet that allows people to advertise their skype adresses?

Answer There are hundreds .. Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin are the top 3 ...,

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Is there a service in the UK that allows people to do psychometric tests under exam conditions?

maybe give this site a look…

Is there anywhere that can find unemployed people to live that only get Jobseekers Allowance?

Tell your local council tell them your going to be evicted they will HAVE to help you out then. But obviously don't leave until you have somewhere to go. Hope your problems get sorted. Take care

Are UK Councils surprised at the fact that people on estates 'dump there rubbish' anywhere?

My local dump site doesnt allow vans or 4x4s,doesnt allow pedestrians and one must have a permit to enter.Upon entering,people are expected to climb slippery steel ramps without any help from staff... Read More »

Is there anywhere where I can advertise my website for free?

I like Paul's answer that was a good one i would pick him for best answer I would give him a thumbs up but I am only a level one!also the guy right above me good answer!he made his comment while ... Read More »