Is there much difference in these 2 Computers?

Answer Main difference is in the GPU - The £761 one has a much better graphics card and if you want to play Far Cry 3 and Metro 2033, it will be a BIG difference.But you can get something better than bot... Read More »

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Is there any difference between a LAN connection and a broadband one does it affect my computers speed?

Lan connection is were another computer is connected via another computer in the same place,i.e I have a laptop which is on Lan,connected by a LAN cable from my wife's computer which is connected b... Read More »

Is there any real difference between these two processors?

You won't notice a difference between the two since they're pretty much the exact same thing. One will perform slightly better in a benchmark, but in real world use, they'll perform the same.

Why is there so much hatred on here these past few days?

I think its because they have found out about our wild love affair we are having and there all very jealous....Remember if you want me Im your man....... JK x

Is there much difference between Dragon Naturally speaking 9 and 12?

That is seven versions back - since each one has a service pack to upgrade it to .5, (now it's 12.5). I use Dragon Professional 12.5 and Dragon Medical Practice Edition (version 11) and can't live ... Read More »