Is this a boring page Should I add something else to it?

Answer It looks pretty!SEXY TIME!its girly and not very "bold" like other pages (think glittery myspace profiles)I like your page.

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I just made a FB page but everytime I comment on someone elses page it says my profile wrote it, not the page?

Switch to the Page and than you can Comment As the Page to Do that Click on the arrow to the right over by your Name Than Where it Says Use Facebook as Select the page than Comment on it and it sho... Read More »

Whilst using Outlook 2007 I decided that I wanted to only print the first page or one page of emails...?

Did you just delete or did you do an un-install..There is a difference.Go to control panel and look at the add/remove and see if it is still there. If so , remove. and then re-boot.

I can not go to page explorer and google wont bring the page up any more, what can i do?

When I click on google or yahoo mail icon, the page comes up small, how do i get the page to come on full size?

try holding control and scrolling the scroller on your mouse