Is this a future Prof Rig?

Answer You can play the current games on any setting you like, that hardware is pretty decent. But a computer that is future-proof? There is no such animal, it will be outdated in a few years.

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This is the future of motoring.?

So the car is going to do the shopping, and pick up chicks at the pub then, too?!OK. Don't worry about it, you would have to pay a premium of thousands of pounds to buy it if your still alive in 2090!

Help! This concerns my future!?

Are you sure that it is something that you would really like to do? You should be really passionate about it, and if you were, you would have already started small (unless you are very young...). W... Read More »

The future: would this happen?

in the next 20 or 30 years, it seems unlikely. That in mind, anything is possible. a single discovery can change the world forever. if such a discovery were to occur, i would imagine it to happen i... Read More »

Where can i go in the future from this course?

if you have reasonable gcse results and get a minimum ddm. then you can progress to a university course of your choice. There are plenty of jobs in web games development but it is very competitive.... Read More »