Is this a good answer for leaving my current job, if the interviewer asks me..?

Answer I would recommend "my previous employer did not offer enough growth potential" Further, explain your aspirations and your ambition.

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What do I say when an interviewer asks me what my weeknesses are?

Try to remain as personal and professional as possible and add a little humour into it if you are uncomfortable. If he asks you your weaknesses, say something like 'jelly donuts, horror movies and ... Read More »

If an interviewer asks you why sales and marketing when your degree is hospitality what do you say?

you say I have found that I am quite good at selling myself to people and if I can sell myself to people than I can sell anything.

(10 points for first good answer) the hardrive with my current system has xp on it, could I move this to......?

Actually yes you can! It's called dual-booting, and when you install both OSs on a system, it asks you which one you want to use during the boot-up process. Here's a great step-by-step tutorial.htt... Read More »

How do you explain to interviewer why you left it 4 years (after leaving uni) to go into PR?

I don´t think you have anything to worry about. It is a credit to you that you looked at other options and got some work experience in marketing and retail.Good luck with your interview. I wish ... Read More »