Is this a good broadband speed test, as I am thinking of changing provider?

Answer Yes. You can download an mp3 file in 2 secs and a movie in 15-20mins with that speed.

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Can anyone recommend a good hi-speed broadband provider.?

tiscali is great i have a home network worked fine with them the tech support is great i highly reccomend also they have a phone service which is really cheap hope this helps !!!

Changing broadband provider info UK?

Short answer no, why on earth do you think shoud it be in sky's interest to pay off your outstanding balanceHTHDavid

When changing broadband provider, what information do they need and how do I get my MAC address?

to find your MAC addy go start>run>type CMD and press entertype (without quotes) "ipconfig /all"it is listed as your physcial addressjust basic info, name home address etc etc is needed to sign up ... Read More »

Does anyone have SKY broadband I am thinking of changing from BT because I already pay for SKY television.?

OK I have tiscali at home its great.At Work I have sky and that's great too, But so saying I did have to help the engineer set up the dongle on the wireless lol but that was because we have 4 PCsBu... Read More »