Is this a good business idea?

Answer By posing the question you have changed it from being is this a good idea to will someone now steal it before you can get the funds to do it your self?The first thing you need to learn is about int... Read More »

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I have a good, simple business idea, but dont have any idea what to do next, I have very limited funds?

If you are going to get a patent on it MAKE SURE IT IS NEVER SEEN or HEARD OF BY ANY MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC. NOT EVEN YOUR FAMILY.I recently applied for a patent and was told that cos it had been out... Read More »

I need a Business partner to help invest in a very good business idea?

you need to advertise that you want a business partner to invest in to your idea but the down side is that people will meet you and steal your idea so be careful and good luck. Don't listen to so w... Read More »

I have a good business idea...?

Yep I agree its being done already I am afraid.Doesn't mean you can't find a variation that would be your USP ?

Is This A Good Business Idea For Me?

If that is what you want to do, I would say go for it. I would just have one recommendation. Don't limit yourself to your local area, you are going to want much more exposure. Sell the stuff you... Read More »