Is this a good internet speed?

Answer Yes, that is well above average for sure.

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Is my internet speed good?

well you should at least have 1 mb at the least. for comparison's sake, if you were to download a 50mb powerpoint presentation, it would take you about a minute to two. on the other side, according... Read More »

Is my internet speed o.k or good for hosting cod?

Should be fine but cod uses peer 2 peer hosting so the best host will be chosen automatically.

Are these internet speed test results good?

Ok. ISPs use a marketing trick when they say "8MB broadband". What they are actually saying is "UP TO 8MB Broadband", meaning you aren't necessarily going to get 8mb. I have 8mb broadband, and i th... Read More »

How fast is you internet speed and is mine any good?

hi tammil, let's get some speed from your computer so the best way we can do this is hit start>settings>control panel hit the internet options icon there delete your history and cookies then go to ... Read More »