Is this a lame idea for a facebook cover?

Answer Just put it out there! If it's something you really like then why not? i don't think it's lame, you'll probably attract more like-minded people or something, people that also like playing that game :)

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I know this is really lame But...?

Is this memory really lame It seems a bit ... need help?

vista uses 15/20 Gb just for the operating system . the amount taken is quite normalhope this helps

Do you think its lame that some ppl add other ppl on facebook even if they dont know them?

Well I wouldn't call it lame though. But I would just be so confused about why that person I don't even know add me, via only a "mutual friend" we know. And I just somehow don't know how to respons... Read More »

I have a idea for a new design of rolex. to whom may I provide this unique idea.?

Rolex would not be interested. Rolex is "pastoral", not "technological". Their watch designs have changed little over the years. The Rolex Submariner that Shawn Connery wore on the 007 movie "Dr... Read More »