Is this a lame idea for a facebook cover?

Answer Just put it out there! If it's something you really like then why not? i don't think it's lame, you'll probably attract more like-minded people or something, people that also like playing that game :)

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Do you think its lame that some ppl add other ppl on facebook even if they dont know them?

Well I wouldn't call it lame though. But I would just be so confused about why that person I don't even know add me, via only a "mutual friend" we know. And I just somehow don't know how to respons... Read More »

Case Study interview to judge business acumen - any idea of areas it might cover?

you can take your hat of its stopped raining

Who came up with the idea to have a Pirate language Facebook setting?

It's a bit tricky at first, but it's something different isnt it. I like it :-D You can find the language under "English-Pirate" if you mateys wanted to know lol.

How much of a good idea is it to deactivate my facebook account?

yes, I feel the same! I dumped my fb like 4 months ago and I don't miss it at all. People get so caught up in social networking they forget about real life networking. All I can say is I agree and ... Read More »