Is this a stupid status for Facebook?

Answer First of all, why would you post that on Facebook? Secondly, I would seriously hate to be in your shoes with some religion controlling my life. Just saying...

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Are Facebook users too stupid to see all those questions about Facebook being offline?

i agree, they should search the question before posting, id like to abuse them, but ive already lost an account previously


I wouldn't ever worry about quiz results on FB. They aren't based on anything, just made up. For example, my result on what sex my first baby would be came out twin boys...I have one child and sh... Read More »

Anyone seen the stupid turban groups on facebook?

OH MY GODI hate them all. It's ridiculous its just a race to get the most fans.

Facebook status help?

You can make a new list and then add those people to it. Then later simply block that list from being able to see that post.