Is this a stupid status for Facebook?

Answer First of all, why would you post that on Facebook? Secondly, I would seriously hate to be in your shoes with some religion controlling my life. Just saying...

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Is this a good question for the exam I am having this month for my Facebook status?

There are exams for facebook status??What sort of questions are on the exam? Who gives the exam? What happens if you don't pass? Has everyone on facebook passed the exam? I never took one, and ... Read More »

Is this a appropriate for a Facebook Status?

No, i know someone of the same age who put that as their status and there is also a group called that, i think it's brilliant

Is this facebook status racist?

Yes, in theory it is because you're generalizing. In practice, nobody will think it's racist because you are complementing Asians, not bashing them.

Is this a funny facebook status?

I think it's funny.It plays on peoples dirty thouhgts and imaginations..It's a good innuendo!I enjoy it!