Is this actually possible?

Answer I'm obviously not going to go too much in detail here, but conceivably one could hack into their database through their website and put in a fraudulent order. Not impossible, and unlike illegally d... Read More »

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When people are able to bend spoons or move tables with their minds (if this is actually possible and not just a hoax), what sort of force is being exerted on the object Is it possible to create forces with the mind?

I'm afraid that spoon bending is simply a hoax. While there are electrochemical processes going on in the mind that exert detectable forces on special probes located outside the head, these forces ... Read More »

Is it actually possible?

It depends if you are talking about changing your internal IP address on a LAN, you can do this by going into CMD and typing IP Config /release then IP Config /Renew.You would need to talk to your ... Read More »

Is it actually possible to hack someones msn without knowing their password?

Anyone who posts an answer to this is asking for the internet to be a rummage for all with no safety and no use to any of us.

Are smart meters bad for peopleÂ’s health Is this actually not knowable at this time -- ED?

If by smart meters you mean the devices that monitor power usage and possibly adjust power consumption to periodically, then I don't see how they can affect health. Their communications with the sm... Read More »