Is this any good for a home media server?

Answer Media servers don't need to be very powerful unless you are transcoding on the fly. You won't have to do that for most clients, though the iPad is an exception. 2GB of RAM is not much, but if all... Read More »

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How to add YouTube to the PS3 Media Server?

The PlayStation Media Server is a very useful tool for advanced Play Station users, but it still lacks an easy native solution to stream YouTube videos from your computer to the PlayStation console... Read More »

How to Set Up Fuppes as a PS3 Media Server?

Fuppes is a computer program that you can use to stream media files to your PlayStation (PS) 3. The connection that Fuppes makes with your console is called a "media server," and it requires both y... Read More »

How to Use iTunes As PS3 Media Server?

The PlayStation 3 has the ability to access streaming media from computer systems. Usually, computers need specific software to host the media and allow the PS3 to access it. The iTunes software on... Read More »

My computer is being displayed as a media server?

You set up you computer to share media files to your local network. It only means that DLNA and some uPNP devices can ask it for content, not that this content is available outside your home netwo... Read More »