Is this computer worth £683?

Answer Its worth more than that so you have a bargain my friend :)Hope this helps!

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New computer -anyone with a bit of computer knowledge could u tell me if this is worth the price?

Ignore the fanboys saying 'change AMD to Intel' they clearly knw nothing about processors. With a mid-range chip like this, you'll notice no difference in anything besides price.It's not bad money ... Read More »

What is this computer worth brought this on ebay on bidding?

You got a crap graphics card but the fact that your motherboard is capable of sli makes up for it.The rest of your components seem to be about average with way way above average descriptions.If you... Read More »

How much is this computer worth?

The computer is worth around $600 and the monitor is worth another $300, so totally around $900.

How much would you say this computer is worth?

I would expect to pay £800 - £900 for such a machine brand new but second hand you will probably get around £700.00 in good condition with operating system.