Is this cyberbullying?

Answer absolutely yes it is cyberbullying...this is harassment and report it to your school officials, explaining that this is a situation that has have become this person's 'focus' in a r... Read More »

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What can I do against cyberbullying?

If it is being done to you right now, ignore it and just tell someone so they know it is being done to you. If you are trying to stop it, there is barely anything that you can do but raise awarenes... Read More »

Is this cyberbullying + if it is what do we do about it?

In the future, keep records of stuff like this. The police probably aren't going to go get warrants and everything they'd need to do for this incident of presumably teen drama. You can contact the ... Read More »

I am Cyberbullying someone, could I get caught?

I shall respect your wishes & not judge but I will say bullying someone just because their not as popular is not acceptable, and you should & eventually will feel ashamed and probably get found ou... Read More »

Cyberbullying Basics?

Cyber-bullying is when a person uses the internet in order to deliberately cause repeated harm to another individual or to embarrass them. Cyber-bullying can include threats, sexual harassment or c... Read More »