Is this normal when on facebook norton appeared and said Fraudulent site please exit?

Answer I wouldn't trust Norton, my brother had problems with it.

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Can someone please explain this Norton report to me, does it mean the site should be avoided like the plague?

Hi Conan,It is just flagged because of a program found on the site that is a joke but could be used to scare people. That is why it is yellow! The program is harmless but might say your infected or... Read More »

Norton detect fraudulent websites?

The quick answer is to use a different browser. Head over to and pick up Firefox 3.0. The long answer is that Norton comes with loads of built in software that is useless. The best ... Read More »

Can you please explain what my mate ment when he wrote this on her facebook?

Roy Orbison died in 1988, so it doesn't make sense

Why do so many Americans use this site (UK + IRELAND) when they have their own site?

its aquite annoying, when we use terms like "daft" or "quid" they are stumped and dont know what we are on about!Go back to your own site where u ask questions about hot dogs and popcorn!