Is this possible?

Answer I would never allow that to happen to my laptop because I can lock it up with a key. The desktop opens with programmes whenever I open up.

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When people are able to bend spoons or move tables with their minds (if this is actually possible and not just a hoax), what sort of force is being exerted on the object Is it possible to create forces with the mind?

I'm afraid that spoon bending is simply a hoax. While there are electrochemical processes going on in the mind that exert detectable forces on special probes located outside the head, these forces ... Read More »

Is it possible to work 2 full time jobs at the same time Have you done this How do you do this ?

Every since I began working, I had a full time office job and worked on the evenings or weekends in retailers or estate agents. I did that from the ages of 18 to about 34 - it was the only way I c... Read More »

How is this possible ?

Because if he knows you've blocked him he can still send instant messages to you while your "offline". I do it all the time to people!*mischievous grin*But I don't know if it works on all types of ... Read More »

Is it possible to do this?

Download the new realplayer FREE from here think this is the best.once installed you just go to a video on youtube that you want to download and play it, while playin... Read More »