Is this true about ROUTER FIREWALLS please read!!?

Answer In this day and age of bot herders and hackers, it is always a good thing to do everything one can to secure your machine.Installing a router is one of those steps.A router does add another layer o... Read More »

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My router keeps saying no internet/network accsess after about 5 seconds of me connecting to it (please read)?

Confusing. Your wireless, I'm assuming is fed an input from the TP-LIN WR1043ND. This device, I'm also assuming, is a wired device. 2 things come to mind here: 1) The input cable could be bad,... Read More »

I recently read in a sales brochure for a major international energy services company that the speed of light had been exceeded in 1995. Is this true If so, could you explain how this was accomplished — TS?

For very fundamental reasons, the speed of light in vacuum cannot be exceeded. Calling it the "speed of light" is something of a misnomer—it is the fundamental speed at which all massless particl... Read More »

I read on Facebook about some asteroid that is groin to hit earth. True or false?

False,as above, a very small one hit Russia, no deaths, and another passed by about 3 hours agoFlyby asteroid:…Russian meteor: Read More »

I've read that frequently updating a website helps with SEO, how true is this?

If a site doesn't need much updating AND the competition is low, then you should be fine without updating the site. But if you're trying to rank for keywords with high competition, then regular upd... Read More »