Is this wireless adapter compatible....?

Answer Everything is plug and play these days. There is no issue.

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Will this be compatible with a wireless adapter?

The USB dongle is the easiest to install and relpace if necessary. I would go for a 300 mbps version as they are cheap as chips. See link.

I ordered a wireless router, but got no wireless adapter or wireless card?

Go to Start->Control Panel->Network Connections.That will list your network adapters. You should have one called "Local Area Connection", that's your wired ethernet connection. If you have a wirele... Read More »

Belkin N Wireless Router F5D8233UK4 + Wireless USB Network Adapter F5D8053UK / Bundle?

well, if you have the wireless router you do not need the wireless adapter thing, just buy a wireless router, nintendo ds is compatible with 802.11b/g signals so make sure the router supports that,... Read More »

My wireless adapter will not recognize the wireless connection.?

your wirless adapter in your laptop may not support the sucrity you have put on it. that is the most likley thing.