Is virtual dj safe for my computer?

Answer A lot of program files displays a warning message when you run the file saying that it could cause harm, but don't worry, the program is not harmful :)

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What is Virtual Memory My computer keeps telling me that the virtual memory is low and it will extend it.?

It's easy. Follow the instructions: Open Settings/Control Panel. Click System/Advanced/Performance/Settings/Adv… Memory/Change/System Managed File/Set/OK/OK/Apply.You will not be asked again, and... Read More »

How to Delete Virtual Girl off My Computer?

VirtuaGirl is an adults-only piece of software that turns your desktop into a virtual strip club. Once the software is installed, women will periodically show up on your desktop and perform a provo... Read More »

How to Remove a Virtual Girl on a Computer?

Virtual Girl is a program that displays a virtual woman on desktop computers. If you have Virtual Girl installed on your computer and you want to delete it, you will not only need to delete the fil... Read More »

My computer is low on virtual memory.How do I restore it please?

When you install Windows the system sets up your Virtual Memory to about 1½ times the size of your RAM. It also takes into account the size of your Hard Disc drive and allows approx 10% of it's fr... Read More »