Is watsapp really gona strt costin?

Answer These messages are false. I got one ages ago and I still have not had to pay. There is also no indication that Whatsapp will start to charge it's users on their website!

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If I get a piece of coal and squash it really really really really hard will it turn in to a diamond?

yes, but it's easier to get a diamond and sort of fluff it up until it becomes a piece of coal

I am looking at the best way to earn online i dnt wnt to pay to strt n no scams i wont to earn atleast $10 hr?

The best advice is DO NOT do any of those online things, they are all scams! If you have to pay a fee, it's a scam. You would be better off flipping burgers!

I have really thick curly hair, and it's really annoying, what can I do?

Personally, my hair is very thin and wispy, which is as equally annoying as thick hair can be to some people.Though I've found to prefer my natural hair as I don't like hair drying or straightening... Read More »

What colours suit really really pale skin with a bikini?

i wud say a bright red! not patterned jus plain!