Is wi-fi making me sick?

Answer My dear friend, your reaction to Wi-Fi and the symptoms are well documented - it's know as electrohypersensitivity. You appear to be having an extreme reaction. The governments around the world and... Read More »

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I quit my job because it was making me physically sick. Im worried. Can i sign on?

You can sign on if you had good reason to quit. Usually you are not allowed if you quit your job you can only sign on if you were fired, made redundant etc. So if you quit you have to prove that ... Read More »

I work for a small business and am off sick, does my boss have to pay me sick pay for a certain amount of time?

The info below may help, it is from the Department of Work and Pensions goverment website.Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)What is it?SSP is paid to employees who are unable to work because of sickness. SSP... Read More »

Ive been of sick for 3 week but got paid my full monthly wage when i dont get sick pay help?

Each company has discretion whether to pay sick pay or full pay.Your manager obviously decided to pay you the full pay.

Is everyone else sick of ringing BT or Insurance firms and being told -press 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 I am sick of it?

Oh YES!1) When you ring up you press several numbers to find the right Dept.2) When you've finally got through, you're put on hold and have to endure their monotonous music for half an hour along w... Read More »