Is wireless slower than wired ?

Answer No wireless is going to be slower than wired because the data has to travel through the air and get received where wired is a direct link. If you want to know the speed differences I would suggest ... Read More »

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Why is my new laptop slower than my old one?

It might be updating the operating system, anti-virus programs, etc. You'd have to use Task Manager or better yet, Resource Manager to see what processes are using the network.

Is automatic cars slower than a manual?

Race cars use manual transmissions, but its usually a special type. Often manual transmissions are faster because automatics are usually standardized 4 speeds, while 5 and 6 speed manual transmissi... Read More »

Why is my internet slower than other laptops in the house?

The wireless card in your laptop might be failing, the internal wireless antena could have disconnected or failed.

Why does my computer run slower than before I cleaned it up?

Not enough hard drive space Verify that there's a minimum of 200-500MB of free disk drive space. This available space permits the pc to possess room for the swap space to extend in size also as spa... Read More »