Is your facebook down.if so where in the world are you waiting for it to come back on...?

Answer I'm in uk, but I'm seeing people from all over the world.

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Im waiting for a company 2 get back to me if I got a job or not, while im waiting should I get another one?

Go get another job. Nothing is promised and if you wait too long you can get yourself into financial trouble. If the other job ends up calling and you want that one over the one you have go for it.... Read More »

Been waiting nearly 2 months for CRB to come back, please help!?

My first CRB took nearly 6 months to come through, and I started work in a September, luckily I could start without it though!This time of year is renowned for being slow CRB time, because everyone... Read More »

Waiting to hear back from the dvla, how long before i drive again?

You'll probably get it back a year after your seizure, if you had a business to run then (and know there were things that happened) you should have kept it together and took your meds rather than d... Read More »

Waiting 14 days for new credit card, can i pay someone with it while waiting?

you can pay through a card which you do not have. Further there is a security number in the card which would be required to do on line transactions. For physical transactions to purchase from shops... Read More »