Is your virgin broad band slower than dial up?

Answer Of course it's not. Where on earth did you get that from? Virgins slowest speed is 2 Mb. Dial up has a maximum of 56 Kb and what is called narrow band and it's about the max you can shove down a vo... Read More »

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How do you check what speed your broad band is running at , i use windows xp and virgin as my isp?

Go to: This is THE best place,.. do it say three times in as many days to get a more accurate result,. making sure your PC is up to full working speed, with no ... Read More »

How can I prove to Virgin that my internet is slower than what I'm paying for?

Use a broadband speed test and use it whilst on the phone to them. VM have had some problems in the last few weeks with their service dropping significantly from around 5ish to midnight, but seems ... Read More »

Sky broad band is sh*t?

i have talk talk3 and for £19.99 a month all my phone calls landline to landline are free even international and broadband is free too in this package best thing i ever did xx

Mobile Broad-band?

This should help -http://www.broadbandg...obilebroadband/dongle I've got a dongle for work, T-mobile do one - I think we pay something like £12 a month for it so I can get on the internet from my l... Read More »