Iso files to external harddrive?

Answer This is an issue with Windows (and DOS) and the Limitations it has, not the hard drive. You can boot a Linux LiveCD and move the file over to the external hard drive.

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Is it safe too delete all of my files from computer's harddrive and keep on my external harddrive?

It is always safe to have at least 2 copies of whatever you consider important. Keep one copy on main hard drive, 2nd copy on external hard drive.Or backup to CD/DVDOr backup onlinehttp://www.mozy... Read More »

With a laptop external harddrive how do i move files over to it completely not just copy?

There probably wasn't enough room to move the folder over - have you looked to see if its still on your c drive?Just buy a USB data drive, and drag the folders you don't use very often over into it... Read More »

If you copy media-folders-music-pictures to an external harddrive, does it still move the files over?

Move erased it from where you have the file, and puts it where you move it to on the external drive. Copy does the same thing, but does not erase the original file. * * *Move - it is like "cut" a... Read More »

How do i move files /folders completely from a laptop to a laptop external harddrive?

Well there are a few things you could do, firstly, although rather time consuming, is to go into the folder with everything in and press ctrl + a then ctrl + x then go into your external hard drive... Read More »