I've blocked people from seeing what i've posted on facebook but they can still comment and like on it?

Answer When the post is hide from those people means they can't see the photo.

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If you like someone's comment on Facebook then unlike it and block them will they still get a notification?

There is no need to block him, if he was online at the time you liked the comment, then there is a possibility that he did see it, but if you unliked it straight away he would get a notification, b... Read More »

How to stop my friends from seeing what I comment on, on FaceBook?

If you are going to hide your comments, why have Facebook at all? Doesn't it just become pointless?

How do i stop all people from comment on my like page on facebook?

YOU CAN'T STOP ALL PEOPLE From commenting in your page. You can block some people and they won't able to comment but preventing all people from commenting is impossible.What you can do is stop peop... Read More »

How to Remove a Comment I Posted Under Someone Else's Comment on Facebook?

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