I've done something to my keyboard?

Answer Sounds like your keyboard CPU has failed. Nothing you have done; it just failed.Fix: Get a new keyboard. USB keyboards work well but they MUST be plugged in before turning on your computer.Hmmmm, I... Read More »

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Is it unfair dismissal when u have been done for something that every one else does and they ant been done 4?

They haven't been caught and you have. Tough break but not a lot you can do about it unless you can prove that you are being victimised.

My mate has done something to her computer?

She has a virus. The same thing happened to me.

My computer has done something very wierd?

You possibily has damage to part of the phsycial drive. If that is the case you can recover your data and Windows settings (Favorites, emails,..) with a program like BartPE or Ultimate Boot CD. I w... Read More »

I think iv gone and done something daft?

Sorry to say, but I also think that was a daft thing to do.