I've got two routers. if i plug them together will i be able to Extend my wifi range?

Answer Nope. Each router has a certain range, you can't combine two routers to double the range of one of them. What you can do is put the second router somewhere else in your house or workplace, then you... Read More »

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How Can I Extend WiFi Range for My Laptop?

After you set up wireless Internet access in your home, one of the first things you'll likely do is carry your laptop from room to room to see how strong your connection is. You may find that some ... Read More »

If I have a sony hifi then take the speakers out of the box would I be able to plug them into my car?

You could but they are "tuned" to that enclosure so will sound terrible. Plus they have paper cones that are not treated like cones used in cars to repel damp.

If i put a usb wifi adapter in my old desktop will i be able to get internet?

The short answer is Yes.There are a few other factors such as wireless coverage, compatibility, etc. If you are able to pick up a wireless signal next to the desktop PC using a laptop or smartphon... Read More »

If I purchase WIFI service for my laptop will i be able to have access from home?