Ive just started a temporary Xmas vacancy for 35hours per week for 3-4 months.?

Answer Yes, you do build up holiday entitlement. If you don't take it while you are there, it will be added on to your last pay packet (it is subject to tax and NI in the usual way).See Read More »

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I've recently started work - probatory period is 6 months...if i leave just after those 6 months...?

HiOf course you can get a reference, yes.An employer is very unlikely to ever refuse to give a reference, and by law they are not allowed to make any remarks that aren't true. But you would be sur... Read More »

Temporary tattos that last a few months?

Two answers:There was a number of years ago, at least in the UK, an attempt to make non-permanent tattoos. The "trick" was to not go as deep & then theoretically it would fade as the skin shed. T... Read More »

Is there any way to get temporary wifi for a few months?

You can organis wifi with a company over there, but you may be better to use bars or cafes wifi. You could also ask a neighbour to use thier access and give them some sort of payment for 2 months.... Read More »

I've just started a temporary job and someone has already said that I look like a very gentle person?

No, it is okay for a female to look gentle. If someone starts treating you like a door mat; because, You are gentle, set them straight. If that don't work have a burly man set them straight for you... Read More »