I've started reading the Internet but it doesn't seem to have much of a coherent plot?

Answer It is rather irksome, isn't it old boy? Five years ago I had just finished reading about the nutritional benefits of beans when it transpired that the next chapter was bestiality. Ive been stuck th... Read More »

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I have started reading for my Prince2 foundation exam, I need any advice from any one :?

Hi there, you can choose from the following1) Start with a simple PRINCE2 Pre-course: - Watch the video or read the "PRINCE2 Introduction book" - Link: 2) W... Read More »


your computer sucksuse

Internet doesnt open straight away?

You do not told which software you are using at stat up. Any software like internet or browser related make internet 2 seconds late. so that check start up application or browser add-on which make ... Read More »

Why doesnt youtube work for me with google but does with internet explorer?

Firstly, Update your browser!!…Then try using HTML5 player of YouTube, This do not needs any flash for YouTube playback :)goto this link andhttp://www.yout... Read More »