I've started reading the Internet but it doesn't seem to have much of a coherent plot?

Answer It is rather irksome, isn't it old boy? Five years ago I had just finished reading about the nutritional benefits of beans when it transpired that the next chapter was bestiality. Ive been stuck th... Read More »

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I have started reading for my Prince2 foundation exam, I need any advice from any one :?

Hi there, you can choose from the following1) Start with a simple PRINCE2 Pre-course: - Watch the video or read the "PRINCE2 Introduction book" - Link: 2) W... Read More »

Is there any adult material on youtube...i have been looking threw it and there doesnt seem to be any.?

i dont assume much, i just have a hope of gaining 10 points.Adult Category on

Somehow i seem to have 'erased' the internet to the computer.How do I re-install it myself?

just get up connections and see what's happening if anything check your router is on

I don't seem to have much memory left on my laptop even though i have deleted loads of stuff off it?

empty the recycle bin, everything you deleted is probably still there so didn't free up any space.