Job seekers allowance rapid reclaim?

Answer It's the exact same as a normal new claim to JSA. Rapid reclaim just keeps people quiet because it sounds like they're a priority and it means your claim links into your old claim, i.e. if you were... Read More »

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How do I do a rapid reclaim for job seekers allowance?

Phone the job centre number. Just say you'd like to make a rapid reclaim as you forgot to attend. Thanks.

Can I do a rapid reclaim for job seekers allowance online?

You can claim JSA online (see link).Rapid Reclaims aren't rapid! They take just as long as any other new claim but you don't need to go through all your finances and a major interview like in a nor... Read More »

How do you make a Job Seekers Rapid Reclaim?

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Signing off jsa and rapid reclaim?

You can do a rapid reclaim the same day if you want to. In your situation though you just need to put in a new claim online the day you return to the UK as you can't apply before that date.The rapi... Read More »