Jobs after passing CompTIA A+/N+?

Answer Hello,(ANS) as a VERY senior & experienced computer person I can tell you straight away PLEASE!! DON'T waste your valuable time or money on paper IT qualifications as they are 90% a total waste of ... Read More »

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Is there job on comptia a+ certification?

There are but you give no added details .…

How can I prepare myself for CompTIA A+?

Aside from going through a "bootcamp training" session via New Horizons or another fast track training agency, you will want to find any updated test exams you can get your hands on. Also, study g... Read More »

If i learn Comptia A+.....?

none of that. A+ is the lowest certification you can earn from CompTia - It's an entry level certification that you need for a job at Best Buy or Frys Electronics

Comptia A+ Question Regarding Windows Explorer?

Hmmm. To move the file you hold down the shift key. This will move the file rather than just copy it. Alternatively you can right click on the file and select move.