Jpeg images appearing on my computer that i have not downloaded?

Answer It`s hard to say without more info, but it could be malware.Give Malwarebytes a try.Add more info if it doesn`t work.Boot into safe mode with networking, by tapping F8 at startup.Download Malwareby... Read More »

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Why are xml docs and also jpeg images appearing on my computer that i have not downloaded?

hi it sounds like you have a virus? if you go to and download malwarebytes then run it on your computer hopefully it should clear it for you. good luck

Colours available for use by JPEG images?

there are about a thousand colours to use on a Jpeg it's all depends on what you are drawing

HELP!!! My son downloaded a file that I believe could be spyware onto my computer and I can't find it!?

To all the people that blindly instruct someone to download an xxxxxx anti-virus...did you ever stop to think she might already have one??? Adding a second one will undoubtedly cause conflicts on h... Read More »

Have downloaded Quicktime but still can't play dvd on my computer. Any ideas ?

DVD;s use the mpeg2 codec and if you are using Windows XP with WMP and quicktime then you will need to pay for and download the codec to watch DVD.s. Windows 7 has the mpeg2 codec included so you c... Read More »