Judging by todays standards of health and safety.?

Answer NO as by that time we wont be allowed to walk past the doorway in case we get dust in our eyes that's if they will allow us to enter car park

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Health and Safety gone mad?

I totally agree with you. I hear it all the time people saying something could happen, what if, The whole world is running around scared out of their wits. The example you use is crazy and it is on... Read More »

Health and Safety -- PPE?

It depends- if for example they say "wear proper shoes not flip flops" then I don't think you can expect them to pay.But if they specify a particular type of boot that may be different Clue's in th... Read More »

Health and safety?

A lot of HSE inspectors are old timers from building sites with previous experience of construction or factories. Its a good paying job even as an internal inspector for the company but you will n... Read More »

Health and Safety Posters...?

H & S law with details of who is the H&S contact on the premised and where the first aid box is i think is madatory if you have over 5 employees, as is the accident book fire evac procedures and a ... Read More »