Kanye West Real Facebook?

Answer Doubt it. It looks kinda real though. Follow it and see what they post and if it sounds believable, yes. If not, no.

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how old is kanye west?

American rapper, singer and record producer Kanye Omari West turned 34 on June 8 of the current year. As of 2011, the young rapper has already won a total of fourteen Grammy Awards.

Where is the Name Kanye Orginally From?

Kanye is the name of the African town town in Botswana. For more information on this name, look here:

Facebook wont let me change my name to my real name?

Errors on facebook,There system is down at the moment ...

How Can Your Real Friends Make You Vunerableby Using Facebook?

Yes, it may happen, that your real and true friends can make you vulnerable. But you cannot blame only them, but yourself, too. Facebook, as many other networking sites, too, contains many sensitiv... Read More »