Keep getting facebook reset password requests?

Answer Someone is blatantly trying to hack your account. Time for a Facebook cull and to block anyone you just might have slightest suspicions about. If it stops you know it was one of them. X

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I keep getting a message popping up asking for my network password, over and over again even after entering it?

You shouldn't be. Make sure you are1. Entering the correct password2. You are entering the password as shown eg EW1234a must be written as seen with both lower and uppercase lettersIf it still asks... Read More »

I am locked out of Facebook. They keep sending my reset code to a mobile number I don’t use anymore.?

If you dont have an email setup to recieve your forgotten password then your better off just opening a new FB account. There is a procces that you can do that will help them to identify you and hop... Read More »

Lost my WinVista admin password Was only account on my system I don't have any password reset disk plz help?

I had this problem, in the end I had to a system recovery back to factory conditions. I cant remember but it was either by pressing F10 or F11 before the computer restarted it gives you the option... Read More »

A girl I know knew my myspace password and changed it. I tried getting the password sent to my email?

It's stealing identity and pretending to be someone else, which is illegal pretty much everywhere. I know for sure it's against MySpace policies, so perhaps you can contact them and ask them to sen... Read More »