Keyboard layout help!!!!!!!!?

Answer The keyboard has the UK setting, but since it is American the keys have the wrong symbols printed on them. It shouldn't be a problem, but if you have trouble using the symbol keys correctly, you ca... Read More »

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Keyboard layout help?

Main differences between a US and UK keyboard: an AltGr key is added to the right of the space bar the # symbol is replaced by the £ symbol and a 102nd key is added next to the Enter key to ... Read More »

The Difference in the English & the UK Keyboard Layout?

A surprisingly jarring event for a traveller going from Britain to America or vice versa is the first time he sits down in front of a keyboard. The two countries' keyboards are fundamentally the sa... Read More »

How to Change the Keyboard Layout in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Linux is a stable, user-friendly operating system that is quickly gaining ground as an open-source alternative to modern systems such as Mac OS X and Windows 7. One of the great features of ... Read More »

My keyboard layout has gone wrong?

Click on your start icon on your screen.Click on Control Panel.Click on Clock, Language and Region.Click on Region and Language.Click on Keyboards and Languages.Click on Change Keyboards.On the Ins... Read More »