Kindle fire hi I'm looking for a flash player, which one will work for watching movies, thanks?

Answer Here you can find detailed procedure on how to make Flash works on the Kindle Fire: can then use the Flash and browser to watch movies. Hope that helps.

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Flash Adobe Player For Kindle Fire?

As far as I know, Flash is not available for the Kindle Fire. ta rojRon This guide may help you

Amazon Kindle Fire - How do you get the grey bookshelf background for the Kindle Fire?

I'm not sure if you can get exactly the same background, but there's apps that allow you to change the background of the Kindle Fire. There's a good discussion on this here: Read More »

BBC iPlayer won't work on Kindle Fire?

It should work, on both Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. Here's a good discussion on this, it mentioned how you install Flash on the new Kindle Fire:…Further... Read More »

Whats the difference between a kindle fire and kindle fire HD?

Kindle Fire HD vs Kindle Fire:…HD version has has lots of differences by the way.For example:- Dual wifi antenna- Front facing HD camera- Microphone- HDMI ... Read More »