LINUX AND UBUNTU: should it be introduced to the workplace?

Answer Outside if the OS Jihads, the choice of an operating system in the workplace is an interesting one.The use of computers in the workplace need more thought than what we want to do at home. There are... Read More »

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Why should I install Linux Ubuntu?

Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as a proprietary platform using OSS. Linux does have its limitations with some applications and in particular gamingTher... Read More »

Should I stay with Linux Ubuntu, or switch to OpenBSD/FreeBSD?

OpenBSD servers aren't terribly different from linux servers. And if you are using Ubuntu, you would probably find the switch to be a step backwards. You would be better off switching to a mature a... Read More »

How to Rip a CD to MP3 on Linux Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Linux is a free desktop operating system that comes equipped with many different software programs. Ubuntu comes with Audio CD Extractor, a program that can be run once you have downloaded t... Read More »

VPN and Ubuntu 8.10 Linux server?

Here is the Official Ubuntu VPN Documentation