Answer I usually use 1 gram = 1cc I'd just judge it by volume. I do quite a bit of cooking and baking and I must confess I usually just estimate the quantities and it always works out fine Or 1 litre = 1 ... Read More »

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How to Convert Liquid Measurements?

Wondering how to convert ounces to cups, cups to quarts or tablespoons to cups? Sometimes this is just too much information to keep in your head when you're trying to cook or bake. Save yourself a ... Read More »

Is glass in a gaseous state, a liquid state or a solid state If I remember back to my freshman college year, it seems my prof said it was in a highly viscous state; therefore a liquid. — GC, Garland, Texas?

The answer to that question is complicated—glass is neither a normal liquid nor a normal solid. While the atoms in glass are essentially fixed in place like those in a normal solid, they are arra... Read More »

Are these measurements ok?

Sounds abit like my measurements haha.How tall are you?I'm 5'7 and people call me skinny lol

Are my measurements what they should be?

I just put the tape measure in a 50cm circle and it looks like they are probably very shapely, don't try and get those twiglet legs, that people assume are sexy, nice shapely legs win every time, a... Read More »