Laptop Disk Space Problems...PLEASE HELP?

Answer Buy an external drive, put all of your videos, music, game exexs. etc onto that, defragment your C:/ drive and it should be ok.You should have at least 1/3 of your C:/ drive free to allow for Windo... Read More »

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My internal hard disk has only 40 mega bite left but loosing space every day .how can make free disk space?

My laptop only has two films on it, why does it say there is low disk space?

The most likely answer to that is a build up of shadow copies/restore points on your HD......Every time you install and uninstall programs and other things it automatically creates them & takes up ... Read More »

How to download program disk from pc disk drive to laptop?

Use a USB CD/DVD Drive.…

Why is my disk space so low?