Laptop Has Slowed Down?

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I INSTALLED Nortons virus on my laptop. my laptop was slowed a lot what can i do?

Yes Norton does that. I had Norton, A load of crap got past it, Scans showed all clear, but when stripped down was all sorts on there, So took back to start reinstalled everything, d... Read More »

My laptop has slowed and died,how do I fix it?

Yh .. Its not a big problem by the sound of it ... If you could load the safe mode then do... and install the XP but if u cant ... Just try to take the root from DOS... youll probs be able to do th... Read More »

Internet Slowed Down - Aol?

I just did a speed check. Results were:Ping: 47msUpload: 4.66mbpsDownload: 0.34mbps do another one just to see if it's similar... Oh, another one had download 3.34 an... Read More »

Engine cut out when I slowed down?

It could be a lot of things but with luck it could have cleared.just see how it runs.