Laptop Wireless very slow to connect?

Answer It's possible your wifi card could be the problem. I would go get a usb wireless adapter and install that and see how that works for you.

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My laptop is becoming very very slow. It is virus free. What should I do?

There are MANY reasons for computer slow downs:a] not enough memoryb] too many programs starting up with windows at boot up timec] spywared] too many junk filese] too many restore pointsRoutine mai... Read More »

If I connect a wireless router to a laptop, does it cease to transmit wireless signals and becomes 'regular'?

Regular? What are you talking about?But no, why would it stop just because you plugged a cable into the router...

Is there any device to connect non-wireless router to a wireless laptop!!!?

its called a wireless switch or access point and can be bought fairly cheaply like these here…if you don't need any extra wired connections Edimax EW-7206A... Read More »

My laptop is very slow!HELP!?

Hi.The amount of RAM that you have is great.The amount of Hard disk space that you have is also very good.Windows XP hates any processor less than about a 1.7Ghz. Your processor at 800Mhz just wil... Read More »