Laptop expert anyone!?

Answer to be honest it maybe cheaper to get a new laptop but you could try and get it fixed as thats what it needs its obvious to me, and it may also need a new bat try it without the battery in it and se... Read More »

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I need a UK TAX EXPERT PLEASE!!! Can anyone recommend one ?

No allowance for alimony - you will have to get a job as well. Dependent sons?

I have a problem with council tax, anyone expert in this field?

She is, unfortunately for you, correct.As a student she's exempt from council tax, so does not have to pay it.As a non-student, you're the only eligible adult in the property with regards to counci... Read More »

Has anyone been on laptop incentives and actually recieved a gift ( laptop)?

Anyone recommend a decent laptop?

Hi J,Laptops have been coming down in price steadily recently, which means you can get some great spec machines for a lot less than you would have done in the past. Around your budget of £500 you ... Read More »