Laptop faulty -what are my statutory rights Guarantee ran out just?

Answer Guarantee is a guarantee and that must be valid for 12 months at least even at Curry's.There is a piece of legislation called The Sales of Goods Act (1979 I think) which states that all goods sold ... Read More »

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What are my rights if i have bought a faulty laptop?

You normally have 1 year manufacturers warranty.Phone the support telephone number for Toshiba. They will ask you loads of run of the mill questions, this is basically to filter out any time waster... Read More »

Did this breach my statutory rights?

When a business sells goods they must comply with the Sale of Goods Act, which implies terms relating to quality into all contracts of sale. Among other things, this means the goods must be fit for... Read More »

Where do i stand with sales of good act or statutory rights?

If you bought the car from dealer, then under the Sale of Goods Act, it MUST be fit for the purpose for which it was designed and sold. That is the law.If you bought the car privately, then the la... Read More »

What are your rights after recently buying a used car , that you later find faulty?

"...can you sue the seller?"Certainly. You probably won't win, but there's nothing to stop you wasting your money trying, is there?"What is the law regarding this?"Trade sale - the vehicle must be... Read More »