Laptop problems.......?

Answer I had the same problem with a past laptop. It was something with the fan over-heating, I believe. I don't know to terribly much to tell you. I'd assume you've Googled it already though. If not, try... Read More »

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Laptop Problems?

take the battery out for a few minutes ,reinsert start up go to "system restore "pick a date in restore before this stated happening, and do a thorough malware search and virus scanthis could fix ... Read More »

Laptop Keyboard Problems?

If they keyboard doesn't work at all, sending it in would be your best bet. If you can't do anything (use the keyboard etc) then what CAN you do? Send it into the warranty and have them deal with i... Read More »

HP Laptop Keyboard Problems?

The keyboard is the most important input device attached to your computer. When a problem crops up, you may be rendered helpless until it can be resolved. HP laptop computers are no more or less li... Read More »

Laptop and battery problems?

It sounds like the battery is defective, or worn out. Buy a replacement, and fully charge it. Try allowing it to completely drain, and fully recharge it on a regular basis.