Laptop problems.......?

Answer I had the same problem with a past laptop. It was something with the fan over-heating, I believe. I don't know to terribly much to tell you. I'd assume you've Googled it already though. If not, try... Read More »

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Problems with my laptop,help?

If it is still under warantee you should try and get the product replaced, it is clearly defective and needs correcting, it could be a battery problem or perhaps your OS is shutting down ?Ask for a... Read More »

Laptop problems....please help?

are you sure your background lighting is working?

Laptop Problems?

take the battery out for a few minutes ,reinsert start up go to "system restore "pick a date in restore before this stated happening, and do a thorough malware search and virus scanthis could fix ... Read More »

Laptop problems. Can anyone help?

Your Windows install is messed up. It's time to back up everything and use the recovery option that came with your computer to reformat your drive. Then your computer will be like when it was brand... Read More »